Letter to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva

Erik Young | 07/10/2010

Dear Bangrak Police
I've been sending this message to most of the politicians in The House Of Representatives The Royal Thai Government.
What are you going to do? Frame them for planting bombs that your mafia associates have planted?
Do be careful NATO is fully aware of your corrupt evil games to discredit Thai politicians.
You and your Yannawa Police accomplices in crime should not have tried to frame me. I warned you.
Erik Young
(grand son of Vagne Anders Fog of Copenhagen Denmark)

Dear Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva
This is what you need to do with Thailand's seriously corrupted police officers.. I believe The Royal Thai Police equate to 80% of the illicit drugs, contract killings and corruption within Thailand.. They spread rumours blaiming the military and politicians for offences they themselves commit or collude to commit through their mafia associates. Contact Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen at NATO and get them to support your clean up of police corruption.
"Almost 300 high-ranking federal police officers in Mexico have been temporarily suspended in a bid to tackle corruption within the force.
Officers will face a "trust test" which will include drug checks, a lie detector and psychological tests. "

This is what I am campaigning to have done to The Royal Thai Police.. In Mexico they suspended most of their very corrupt officers The same needs to be applied to ALL The Royal Thai Police.
Send your information concerning police corruption in Thailand to NATO

For The Attn of Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen Secretary General of NATO

Dear Mr Anders Fogh
Child pornography has been on sale for many years down Silom Road and Sukhumvit Road and elsewhere in Bangkok and Pattaya.
The vendors are members of the Thai Mafia. The Royal Thai Police have been taking backhander payments off these vendors of child pornography for many years, more than five years.
Again a serious crime that poses serious abuses of children is being used a a secondary income stream by The Royal Thai Police. Police stations that actively participate in taking money off the vendors of child pornography include Yannawa, Thungmahamek and Bangrak Police stationsin Bangkok.
In 2006 in Bangkok I found some younger members of the Thai mafia distributing a film clip through the mobile phone network of a girl being sexually molested by five young men. I only watched a few seconds of this one minute long film clip it absolutely freaked me out. Whilst four young men held her arms and ankles and another sexually tampered with her, she was struggling like a wild animal fighting for its life. These young members of the mafia do not go to prison they are protected by their corrupt associates in The Royal Thai Police. I saw this film in the district of Charoen Krung Road not far from the Bangrak Police Station.
You cannot rely upon a police force that makes money out of child pornography they need to be dis-banded and prosecuted and replaced with a modern structured police force.
In 2007 I returned froma trip to Koh Samui to find a child pornography DVD placed inside a bedroom draw unit of one of my Bangkok homes. I believe it was planted by members of The Royal Thai Police and their mafa associates. The DVD was not inside the DVD case so I had to play all the unmarked DVDs in my home to try and find the offending DVD but failed to find it. This may have been done by Yannawa police and their agents.
In four incidents I encountered with The Royal Thai Police they had falsfied confession statements and submitted a series of lies and witnesses statements obtained under duress to the Criminal Courts of Thailand.
I am a relative of Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen The Secretary General of NATO and I intend to see corruption within Thailand's police force is addressed using assistance from NATO.
Erik Young
(grand son of Vagne Anders Fog of Copenhagen Denmark and Olav Kyres Gte Oslo 2 )
Madgehole Lane
Shamley Green
In 2009 The Royal Thai Police Bangrak Police Station Bangkok used a similar (switch on) tazer to force a foreigner to sign a falsfied and fabricated confession alleging he'd ttacked four armed police officers.
There are several reports of The Royal Thai Police stealing grenades (M67) from the Thai military and selling them for around 1200 Baht each.
During the Red shirt protests earlier this year it became evident that members of The Royal Thai Police had supplied M67 grenades to protestors. Perhaps the deaths of many people may have been avoided if The Royal Thai Police had been cleared out of the area. The Royal Thai Police were accepting bribes to allow truck loads of used tyres through that were then set on fire causing even more strain upon the military.
It is reported that 1/3 of all prisoners in Thailand are innocent. I spent five months talking with prisoners in Klong Prem Prison Bangkok. They plead guilty even if they are innocent as a form of risk management, most of the prisoners told me 'everyone pleads guilty', to avoid the risk of receiving maximum sentences in the event that their not-guilty plea and pleadings in Court fail to convince Judges of their innocence.
There are over 80,000 people imprisoned in Thailand who are innocent or have been framed by The Royal Thai Police.
Transparency International rates The Royal Thai Police at level 4 where level 1 = not at all corrupt and level 5 = extremely corrupt . One could read this to indicate The Royal Thai Police as 80% corrupt.
In the past The Royal Thai Police attacked and shot up the home of PM Kukrit Pramoj, son of a Thai Prince, following a statement he made in public. Thailand's Ministers cannot solve the problem of epidemic levels of corruption that fuel political instability without the risk of their children friends and families become targets of revenge attacks. It requires outside assistance or the problem will continue indefinitely
I have witnessed severe unprovoked beatings committed by uniformed members of The Royal Thai Police between 2005 up to January 2010.
I have witnessed four incidents of confessions authored and prepared by members of The Royal Thai Police on each occasion total fabrications and falsfied confessions without any input or interogation of the defendant/prisoner. On one occasion the defendant refusing to sign the confession had a live 17,000 volt tazer held against his chest at heart level whilst demands were made for the defendant to sign the falsified confession (2009 Bangrak Police Station Bangkok).
In 1989 Bangrak Police Bangkok posing as the CIA offered to kill someone for me who owed me UK £8000. There was a rumour for years that the American CIA were exchanging weapons for Heroin during the war with Laos. I believe it was members of The Royal Thai Police using the identity CIA.
I've spent 25 years mingling with every sector of Thailand's society and citizens. The Royal Thai Police are the main problem, their threat gagging politicians and preventing the end of corruption. The only solution is to disband the existing police force and open a new modern structured system of policing with new officers. In Thailand the nafia are the police and vice versa.
An example of The Royal Thai Police killing children and then framing an innocent citizen can be read in the enclosed report
Link (RTF):
Link (PDF):
The Royal Thai Police consider torture as an acceptable means of interogation and action on detainees to be charged/indicted.
Madgehole Lane
Shamley green
Surrey GU5 0SS

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